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Everyone knows the power inherent in new technology, but few have the skills to change technology. The wild frontier of SaaS, NAS, Mountain Lions, and Kerberos tickets can be difficult to navigate for the uninitiated, but with the right set of tools and a proper sense of direction it can be managed with ease. We encourage you to Start On the Technology and let us show you the smart path; the one that makes technology work for you at home, on the road, and in the boardroom. We drive technology, teach technology, design technology, empower technology, and we definitely Start On Technology.

Our Mission is to provide all our customers with a unique experience in technology that leaves them knowledgeable not left in the dark, highly respected while providing support for delicate issues, and overall satisfaction with our level of support.

Apple Certified Support Professional

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Building computers as a hobby since age 16 when he got his first certification and recognition as computer repair technician.

His experience as an independent consultant spans over 15 years troubleshooting Windows machines and building local networks for small business and residential. Later on Alberto graduated as Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer and worked in Biomedical Technologies and Engineering assistant.

His most recently accomplishment is his degree in Master of Information Technology.


Managing Member

A veteran Mac user specialized in training, audio engineering, and technology, Henry, specializes in conveying the essentials of OS X and iOS to both seasoned and new system users.

His experience is drawn from 7 years of working as a Trainer at Apple in one-on-one sessions or running workshops. He is always looking forward to the next opportunity to educate, insuring that the clients walk away happy and well informed.

His pro-app certifications include Logic Pro X and Aperture. He also holds a degree in Audio Engineering.


Founding Member

Our founding member, David, was a former Market Manager for MacWorks, Inc // Lab548 for 2 years in Miami before starting his own consulting firm.

A lot of his experience draws upon his former position as a Lead Genius and Guest Trainer for Apple for almost 5 years. David brings your company over 15 years support experience including 7 years of consulting with small to medium size businesses.

His certifications held are as an Apple Support Certified Professional and Apple Certified Mac Technician. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Business Administration with focus on Management from Florida International University.

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